Caught The Shutter Bug

Right, so I did it. I finally got myself a new camera. After a year and a half of putting up with a damn blotch on the inside of my old digital camera’s lens, and in turn having to photoshop it out in every photo I take, I’ve stepped up and bought myself a rather nice new one.

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s the Canon A620 (largely recommended by Sera and her husband Zac, who were kind enough to show me their A610). I’ve been a fan of Canon since I bought my Canon EOS SLR back in college, and don’t think my expectations will be let down with this new one. Though not the digital SLR I had been hoping to one day purchase, it does go full manual, and that’s all I really need. Basically I just want the ability to do creative things with photography again, and this guy will let me do it – plus it’s not even half the cost of a low-end digital SLR.

The Group Of Us
Last night our little group went out for some Beijing Kao Ya (北京烤鸭), or known better in the West as Peking Duck. We found a pretty good Beijing restaurant on the back end of Olympic Square, and stuffed ourselves silly.

It was a bit of a sad affair to say goodbye to Erin. Much like when Tom left, you realize how quickly someone can become a familiar part of the group… and it’s strange to think you might never see them again. Anyway, off to class.

Oh, along with these photos, I’ve also included a video of the guy cutting up the duck. Just click on the photo of him. The quality isn’t representative of my camera, as I had to scale it down to make it accessible online. The photo of Maeve above shows her sporting my Secret Santa gift.

[LEFT] Mmmmm… duck. [RIGHT] I think Cam is really going to miss Erin.

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  1. I’m off and on with the duck. Like most Chinese food I sorta dislike it before I start eating it. I used to groan when I’d think about eating hotpot because it just seems so simple and a little boring… but now I love it.

    As for what I got Maggie, if you take a look at the video or the photo, you can see the sweater I bought her. I also got her a book about yoga (as she wants to be an instructor, I think an important first step MUST be to learn the basics… but I’m no expert) and some computer software for learning English from classic hollywood movies…

    Haven’t taken down the tree yet… I’ll be sad to see it go.

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