Boycott Chinese Men Who Are Complete F’ing Idiots

I ran across, Boycott Chinese Girls Who Date White Guys, a little gem at the always enkindling The 88s blog. A Chinese guy, generously self-endowed with the moniker TwentyFourCM, is proving new lows in illustrating stupid racial insecurity. And as us guys so often do, he’s taking his insecurities out on women.

In translation, originally from this post:

Appeal to Male F1s to Absolutely Never Marry Chinese Girls Who Have Dated White Guys

“You can date, you can also make love, but definitely not want to get married for a very simple reason. Although we are all people of high ability, we can’t settle the status issue: we can’t provide green cards. In other respects we are definitely better than average white people, but because of the system we are forced to compete from a position of weakness.

But our superiority lies in this: Language and culture, after all it is easier to communicate with us than white guys. Usually we are quite traditional, on the whole all can rely on our support. But the ultimate reason is that we allow female F1s to take advantage of us. Their selfish calculation is this: first they date white guys, and if they get married to them, then they have achieved what they wanted; if they couldn’t marry a white guy, they still have us Chinese guys as backups.

Therefore in order to put an end to them treating us as backups, I appeal to you: Let all male F1s join forces to boycott any female F1 who has dated white guys. It’s like trashy schools and top-tier schools competing to enroll new students: Although I am a very trashy university, I will give you an offer right away. I want you to decide right away. If you are waiting for a top-tier university, I will immediately reject you. Why? Because only in this way are you able to maximize your interest. Otherwise all you can get are those who were rejected by top-tier schools.

From today begins the upward progress of a sunny, wretched, handsome male F1.”

Posted by: TwentyFourCM (24cm)

The post was slathered onto what otherwise sounds like a respectable Chinese-language student-focused forum: MIT BBS, which for reasons unknown I can’t reach. The Male F1s, in case it isn’t clear, refers to F1 (or graduate student) visa holders.

I hate this shit because it really puts Chinese guys, and their opinion of women, in a rather dim light. The sad part is, this isn’t coming from someone deep in the backwaters of Anhui province or some such nonesense, this is coming from MIT in the US… some of the best and the brightest. I only hope that some level-minded, liberalized Chinese guy stands up and deflates this dingbat before he gives Chinese girls a real reason to stick with “top tier universities.”

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  1. I was once married to one of those Chinese visa-hound women. If she had dissed 24 cm before going out with me, then 24 cm would have been the lucky one. No woman, no cry.

    I still think most Chinese women are great, though. Even the ones that date us Foreign Devils.

    Nevertheless, in view of the notorious Jacque Cousteau Syndrome I propose that we American men boycott any American woman who has ever dated a French guy. In fact, we should make a little list for them to read: “Skin Colors, Religions, and Nationalities of Men You are Not Allowed to Date: The Official Regulations of the American Patriotic Union of Jilted Men”.

  2. @Chicano: I don’t have time to listen to that many people.

    @Jake: “Sayin’… aeverah thins gonna be a’right”. That’s a good attitude, and one that Mr. 24cm should consider… perhaps people are people, and not one non-divisable group. By the way, you’ve a cool collection of sites man. Good advice on ’em.

    @Jason: God forbid indeed! 😉

  3. Sounds like this guy spent too many lonely nights reading Sex in Shanghai. I wonder if he’s ever considered that it’s not the gals’ fault (or problem) he can’t get a date.

    And speaking of genetics, hasn’t he heard that mixed-race people are more attractive? It’s science.

  4. I think we should encourage 24mm to rant on. His ideas sound so stupid and racist that he’ll never get a date, and that means more Chinese women for us! Plus, if any women is stupid enough to listen to 24mm, then who wants them?

  5. I’ve said it before, but nationalism has always been a gendered and sexualized concept. This sort of crap is going to continue. But I’m reminded of a comment that YJ(A.K.A. Lemur) left in a discussion of the Sex in Shanghai flap:


  6. And speaking of genetics, hasn’t he heard that mixed-race people are more attractive? Most of the time is true. My sister married outside our race and her kids are gorgeous.

  7. My parents are both white, so I can’t really explain how I ended up so goddamned pretty.
    I’m like the caramilk mystery, but even more delicious…

    I’m gonna start submitting stuff about these racist Chinese articles to digg. This kind stuff would be big news, if only the foreign media could read Chinese.

  8. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the reason some Chinese women choose Western men is the same reason that some never would. We’re not traditional in the sense that they’re used to. We, generally, have much more modern views of how a woman fits into society (namely, the same as men). Though its true that women are encouraged to be more than house-wives in China, they’re not to forget about being a house-wife. So, if they want to have a job/career – that’s fine – but they still have to take care of the kids, cook their husband his hui guo rou and clean the shack. Basically doing double-duty while the husband gets drunk singing with KTV girls.

    Western men (what a geographical nightmare that term is) tend to have been a lot more liberalized. We understand and generally fully accept that we’re going to be half of a team when we get married. We see equal sharing of chores, family stuff and bread earning as part of our duty.

    For some Chinese women this is a bonus, namely those working their assess off abroad to get good educations and launch good careers, but for some it freaks them out. Particularly those that only wanted a token job out of the house at best and had spent most their lives learning how to make dumplings perfectly.

    I don’t think there’s going to be any shortage of women for Mr. 24cm, however they’re likely to be uneducated and poor. Perhaps this is what his issue is with. Perhaps he sees all the educated, liberal and interesting girls going off with like-minded Western guys and rather than look for how he might change his archaic ideas about women, he blames the girls and launches this stupid tirade.

  9. @Tom: Ah… he’s laowai, not Asian-American. He’s Chinese from China. As stated above, F1 Males refers to those (in this case Chinese) holders of F1 visas, or visas for foreign graduate students.

  10. You know over the years you shown us alot of weird chinese customs.  I don't understand why Chinese men measure the circumference of their head to show they're smart? By his measurements he's almost half as smart as I am. And the answer to your next question is, yes, I sure did!

  11. MIT bbs was originally located and created at MIT but it’s nothing to do with MIT now. Just a forum for conversations among Chinese graduate students in the States

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