And so that sucked…

Sorry to all you that visited the site over the last couple days and got various error messages. My old hosting (at ICDsoft) ended on the 14th and as such I needed to move servers.

I hate moving servers almost as much as I hate moving in real life. Sure there are some perks – in this case I’m now on my own VPS and so have more control over things – however, when it comes to the finickiness of databases, file permissions and a bunch of other things most of you should be happy you never have to deal with… it’s a pain in the ass.

Top that off with one of the busiest weeks I have had yet with my Web business, and you’ve got wonderful fun-filled days in the grand “do monitors really cause brain cancer – or is it just what they show you” experiment.

But is back online and I couldn’t be happier of that. Welcome back dear reader. You are dear and not deer, right?

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  1. Oh I thought you just decided to give up blogging after the scathing attack by Shopgirl who gave you the dubious honour of second most irritating blogger. I only came third, sniff, sniff ….

  2. If it’s any consolation the only people who comment on her blog are people laying into her telling her how shallow and vacuous her posts are other than the occasional middle aged paedophile trying to suck up to her.

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