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Hey, so I came across this amazing concept, using Internet click-ads for the benefit of humankind (and our other brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom). All you do is click on the button, go to the site – click on the other button (don’t worry, it tells you which one, it’s really easy – trust me) and presto – you’re Albert Schweitzer (he’s cool, trust me).
Save The World – One Click At A Time!
On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause — each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

And should you not bookmark the sites, just bookmark mine, as I’ve added this feature to my sidebar. Scroll down (I promise it’s there – trust me).

And yeah, so I was reading the news just now, killing time waiting for Maggie to wash her face so we can watch Friends. I saw an article about a strange weather phenomenon that ripped apart a school in Hamilton. This reminded me of something Ryan brought up the other night after Phoebe’s birthday party. He said that it just seems like a lot of bad shit is happening in the world these days. I countered that I thought it might just be because we all read the news a lot more now (that we’re in China, that is), and so are more aware of what’s going on. I am pretty sure that Revelatory journalism has been the mainstay of most media for the past 100 years or so, and that it is just that we are far from home, so hungry for news of it, that we hear more about it.

But then I remember thinking earlier this year that there had seemed to be a lot of crazy things happening with the world. And then this thing in Hamilton, just some random crazy weather that rips apart schools… so, to recap:
Tsunami in S.E. Asia – kills nearly 300,000 people
Earthquake in South Asia (Pakistan) – kills about 90,000 people
Major floods in China/S.E. Asia – kill a bunch of people
Floods/Landslides in S. America – kill more people
Avian flu – 63 people dead (but well… it COULD mutate… and LOTS of Chickens died)
Hurricane Katrina – 1,281 killed (and more from Wilma, etc., basically BUSY season for ambitious tropical storms)
Typhoons hit Asia; bombs go off in Iraq, London, Jordan, and a number of other places; earthquakes in Japan; heatwaves in Ontario; and the list just goes on and on and on…

Now, the question is… is this normal? I mean, is it just because I’ve been paying more attention to news over the last year while away from the virtual safety (apart from Hamilton) of Canada? Or are the seven signs upon us?

Well, I guess one guy with a blog in China isn’t going to stop it all… so might as well just sit back, pop open another 2 kuai Yantai beer, and enjoy the descent.

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  1. I was commenting on that a little while ago after I heard about the Pakistan earthquakes, with all these disasters etc does it mean the armegeddon is impending. I’m not very familiar with the ‘seven signs’ that supposedly indicates the last days of us on earth – but they say global warming is increasing the frequency and severity of harsh and abnormal weather patterns, so maybe its just that, or maybe the gw is creating some of the signs…. but its getting kinda scary. This tornado missed me, but the next one might not! eeps!!

  2. Well, I think I’ve always been clear that I’m not religious, nor do I buy in to prophecy … so I’m just going to go with what scientists have been telling the world since the 60s…. you keep fuckin’ it up, ya pay the piper.

    I mean, nothing should come as a surprise to any of us. We were all told to develop mass transit systems, find a better fuel source, stop using CFC leaking fridges and A/C units, cut down/out the production of waste… and everyone kinda chuckled at the eggheads and said, ‘sure, sure… RIGHT the world as we know it is going to end… don’t you have a basement to monitor or something?’

    I think the G8 all need to move to 3rd world nations before the end. I mean, I am sure that should major catastrophy strike throughout the world, the rich nations will be better prepared to deal with it… but when it all goes down the tubes… hello Southern Hemisphere, welcome to the North! All the third world nations will be nice and quiet…

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