All Is Quiet On New Year’s Day

Well, it’s been 2006 for 16 and a half hours… and I really don’t see what’s so ‘new’ about this New Year.

In one of the most inactive New Year’s eves I’ve had in my adult life, I did absolutely nothing. Because Future School gave us no time off for the ‘holiday’, I had to be up and in class for 8 a.m. – not exactly with bells on.

As one might be prone to do, I have been a bit reflective on the last year. Minus 6 days at the start of the year, I spent the whole of 2005 on foreign soil. It’s certainly been an experience, and not one I would trade for anything. It really has changed my life in innumerable, largely good, ways.

Things I’ve done this year … in rough chronological order:
1) Moved to a foreign country without even knowing how to say ‘hello’ in the local language.
2) Started a job I knew absolutely nothing about beforehand.
3) Realized that kids are not something to be feared (as previously thought).
4) Merged onto the long highway of learning a second language.
5) Met the love of my life (I guess this could have come earlier in the list technically).
6) Begun to see that cheap DVDs and beer are not the only good things about China.
7) Made the decision to complete my bachelor’s degree over the next year or two.

Well, it’s not a Top 10 list, but 7’s a prime, and primes are pretty.

One thing I’ve realized lately is that there is just stupid amounts of things to read about online. It amazes me just how easily amused I am when it comes to random Internet topics. For example, this entry. The path to the birth of this entry should have been thus:
A. “I should write an entry” —->
B. Go to, log in —->
C. Type, publish entry

However, the actual course was as such:
A. “I should write an entry” —->
Go to, log in —->
Start writing and realize that a nifty graphic would look good at the top —->
Realize I don’t want to piss about in Photoshop
E. Go to Google’s image site and look (fruitlessly) for things related to 2006 —->
F. See an interesting looking image of some code and get curious about how it relates to 2006 —->
G. End up at a site that makes predictions about 2006 —->
H. Catch something about China and follow a link to a new page that has a rather peculiar article about a speech Chi Haotian, China’s ‘defense minister’, made regarding attacking America —->
I. Spend endless amounts of time searching for confirmation that Chi Haotian is even the defense minister (as I think it’s Cao Gangchuan) while thinking more and more the article is just racist propaganda, completely forgetting I’m writing a blog entry —->
J. Get phone call from Maggie saying she’s back from visiting her parents and I need to get my ass down to the supermarket so we can go out for dinner —->
K. Quickly write J & K, and click “Publish Post” (after hastily bolding the letters for better clarity of it all.

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  1. Well, what I’ve discovered is thus:

    Hal Turner is a racist.

    From Hal’s site:
    If they do, it will rightly mean the total destruction of the Catholic Church
    Non-Whites can never be Pope because they are not of God’s Chosen; Jews have been trying to steal the title of “God’s Chosen” for centuries, but those of us who understand the Bible know that only whites constitute God’s Chosen. It says so in the Bible, Book of Genesis

    Some comments about him:

    And if that wasn’t enough for me to just completely think anything he might say is just 缺心眼儿, I also am fairly convinced that I was right in my post… the Defense Minister is Cao Gangchuan.

    The original article mentioned in my blog was dated August 2005. I found comments from Gangchuan speaking about the Tsunami last year and then again found this article that is dated October 2005, which clearly states Gangchuan as the defense minister…

    So…. I am confident in saying that it’s all bunk.

    And thanks to assholes like Hal Turner for making the Internet just that much more mud.

  2. Yeah, it kind of sucks that you’d have to spend the time just to figure out that the article is garbage. I was pretty sure it was, when I started reading it.

  3. The biggest indicator that it was all a sham was actually the bit about needing more land. Typical Western bias. I guess I had also assumed, pre-China, that because they had 1/5th of the world’s population there must just be people everywhere, super-uber-hyper-over-popuated – using every square inch of land there is… I mean, how big could China possibly be?

    But now my image is much clearer (as any ‘official’ in Beijing’s would have always been)… it’s f’in’ gianormous! with the exception of the big cities (primarily along the east coast)… there is just heaps of land still waiting to be improperly used and abused… it’ll be a couple of lifetimes before China is in any real need for additional real-estate.

    Fuckin’ fear mongers. Ironically one big reason to restrict freedom of speech. 😉

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