A Day Late And A Gold Fish Short

I always read these things after the fact:
Rome bans ‘cruel’ goldfish bowls

I mean, I’m not so naive to think that the fish are living in paradise, but I had no idea they were going blind and now I guess I can figure out that perhaps lack of oxygen might have been a deadly factor in the change of status of my fish.

Well, I’ve survived another day of what I’m now convinced is tonsillitis caused by strep bacteria. I read online (gasp!) that strep bacteria causes both tonsillitis (strep throat) as well as soft tissue infections if it gets in open sores (i.e. a blister on my foot).

At one point today I could do nothing but lay on my bed, near tears, and beg for the pain in my foot to stop. This convinced Maggie to make another trip to the pharmacy for me (her third) and get me some asprin. Well, they worked like a charm and I’m now superfantastic. I mean, the pain’s still there and I have to lamely shuffle through my apartment, but at least I’m not considering using random dull objects to remove my foot.

Assuming my self-diagnosis is correct, the anti-biotics I started taking yesterday should have it cleared up in another day or two. However, if it’s not feeling better late tomorrow or Friday, worry not, I’m going to the hospital.

Oh, and for crazy Chinese news of the day:
10 die as Chinese children rush to flee ‘ghost’ [CBC]
And for a Chinese perspective on it:
Trampling accident kills 7, injures 37 pupils in Sichuan [Xinhua]

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  1. Talking about taking anti-biotics, one named Lijunsha really works for me everytime when I have a sore throat for talking too much and super loud in class. Hope ya getting better—-from previously Converse

  2. Do you know the English name, or rather the pharmaceutical name?

    But yeah, for a sore throat I usually just use these little concentrated liquorice tablets, I generally reserve anti-biotics for bacterial infections.

    I’ve still not sorted out who this is… other than I think your name is Christina.

  3. Hey, why not get your girlfriend to get it, I don’t know the English name as I’m taking it with me Heee, but it does work agaist infections. Well actually we don’t know each other but only working for one boss. By the way, why did you give me a name as Christina?

  4. Heee, finally you got it, both the medicine and my name, Do you feel better for being an Internet genious? Well, are you going for the Halloween Party this Sunday, I just saw the ads hanging on the wall.


  5. Well I guess you probably got a flu or something, I feel better already especially after chatting w u in such way that anyone would think it’s kinda weird though, but indeed it’s interesting. As for the party, I’ve no idea, but just now I came up with an idea that I might just go there to have a look at you which would be my mission that day.


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