5 Reasons Why I Love My Job

Here are just a few reasons why I love my job (with a little help from my camera phone):

1. Cute Kids
Ok, sometimes they piss me off, but mostly they are just completely adorable and it’s hard to stay mad at them long, even if it’s the 12th class and they still can’t remember “How are you? I’m ok.”
2. Free Lunch
There’s no such thing as a free lunch, my ass! Sure, it may come in a bucket, and be made of random bits of animals or rather old vegetables… but hell, it’s free! Saving me – at least – $1-2 a day.
3. Eye Exercises: Mao Style
Everyday at 9:30 a.m. the roughly 2,000 students at my school can be found rubbing acupuncture points around their eyes so as to relieve pressure and end the need for glasses. Many, even most, of my students have glasses.
4. Eye Exercises: My Style
Everyday while the Happy Birthday tune signals the start of class, my students illustrate that they’ve practiced the things I taught them the class before.
5. Creative Writing
I tell them and tell them that they need more spacing between their words … and this is why.

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  1. It is nice to meet a colleague here online. I’m a staff writer and also an English teacher at school. Oh, yes, sometimes, they also piss me off, but I love them. I can’t shout at them, like the majority of my colleagues do.

    Do you teach English in China? Are your students capable of learning English? Is it difficult to you to work with them?

    I’m also running a web log, you can view it here:


  2. Hi Linda, you win points for one of the strangest comments. I really can’t tell if it’s a straight-forward comment or a plug for that site of yours. And what a site it is… I’m betting you didn’t enjoy the Easter post just before this one. I’ve never seen so much bible stuff all in one area. I didn’t see much blog stuff there though…

    I do teach English in China, they are hard to teach but they eventually get it. Sort of. 🙂

  3. Yes, there is a wrong spelling in my last message, haha.
    I want to say I can’t be teacher because I’m now working in a Import & Export co.,
    The only way is to do a part time job as a teacher, I thinks I will be a good teacher 🙂

  4. Ryan,

    I’m curious, how did you go about finding a job in a government school? From what I know, it’s word of mouth, or did you use a hiring agency.

    I ask because I’m in Dalian right now, and plain curious, it seems a less transparent hiring process than universities or foreign language schools like Future.



  5. Yeah it is a little bit more “ya happen to fall into it” than uni’s or Future.

    Basically I went sorta with word-of-mouth – meets hiring agency. The woman that handled it handles most of the foreigner hiring for Dalian schools. I’m happy to give you her number or answer more questions – just e-mail me.

  6. lol, the anonymous a few up, should NOT want to be a teacher if they’re in an import & export co. That’s who James Bond works for!


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