vLog.02: A Chinese Wedding

It’s hard to accurately describe what it is to attend a “Chinese” wedding. Sitting on a surreal plane, precariously balanced between old school Chinese customs and nouveau bridal magazines. The bride goes through no less than three changes of dresses, your attending gift is a pack of smokes, and forget that ‘one plate of food’ deal – it just keeps coming.

Some will see the differences, some will see the similarities. Check it out for yourself, and post your comments.

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  1. Hey Ryan, yeah, loved the video. I thought the quality was really good, the editing was nicely done, and how can you resist a story about Canadians eating Chinese street meat!?? It was a really cool taste of Dalian nightlife~ Ignore our vegetarian dissenter, hehehe.

    Anyway, yeah, I’m a friend of Justin’s from St. John’s- so it’s cool that you’ve hooked up with him, and are getting this video blogging to work so well. Keep ‘em comin,’!
    Luke Quinton

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