Suzhou info page finally fleshed + Suzhou district map

In any given week I usually get 2-3 e-mails from people just arrived or arriving in Suzhou. As one of the longest running blogs with a focus on living in Suzhou, Google gives me some love and I in turn do my best to pass it along. In an effort to provide information about the most common questions I’m asked, and to give myself a dumping ground where I can put random Suzhou information, I’ve done up the creatively titled Suzhou Information page.

It’s something I’ve been intending to put together for a couple years now (as the dead-end link in my header long alluded to), and have only just gotten around to in a fit of procrastination last night.

It also spurred me to whip together the following map of Suzhou’s different districts. I looked around and couldn’t really find anything that simply and quickly laid out where the different districts were. So, there it is. It’s by no means cartographically perfect, but I hope it will give any newcomer the gist of the city’s layout.

Suzhou District Divisions Map

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  1. cheers ryan! Believe it or not, my girlfriend and I have been looking for something like this for a long long time! Hopefully see you out and about sometime in the near future!

  2. Thanks for the info..I found ur website very useful..Me myself just moved to the country China and to the city about 2 days ago and have very small amount of knowledge about the town..So hopefully after following you I dont have to take taxi anymore..since the taxi driver here sometimes do cheat on us..

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