My Feature on Suzhou

ctn-logoA while back I was approached by the fine folks at, an English-language travel site about China that is “editorially independent” but strongly affiliated with — one of China’s largest online travel booking Web sites.

The site’s editors wanted me to put together a summary article on “my Suzhou”, and as of last week it was published on the site. For anyone that’s ever asked my opinion about what to see while visiting Suzhou the content will feel familiar, as it generally just rehashes what I’ve suggested to people many many times over the years I’ve lived here.

If you get a chance, check it out: Suzhou Insider: The Humble Expat’s Garden City

It also features a number of photos I’ve taken around Suzhou — the requirement of which finally forced me to get off my ass and start uploading the countless number of China-centric photos I’ve taken over the years to my Flickr account. I’m a long way from being done, but it’s getting there.

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  1. Hi! My Mom is visiting me in Shanghai next week. I want to take her to Suzhou (I’ve never been either) and am looking for a good place to stay one night. I would like to find a quaint, bed and breakfast type place. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hi Sarah, as I live here, I’ve very little need for accommodations, so know very little about the options here. That said, aren’t B&Bs reserved for quaint rural towns in countries that don’t start with C and end with “hina”? Really, never heard of any B&Bs in China – unless you count poorly insulated guesthouses that throw a bowl of zhou and a bit of pickled veg at you in the morning (if you get up early enough).

    For hotels, check, I’ve used them a number of times and never had a bad experience.

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