Chinese cities with beautiful women, I seem to know how to pick ’em

Before moving to Dalian in 2005 I spent a good amount of time on the Internet researching the place to see if it was the type of city I’d like to live in. Looking back on what I read, it was the typical “Dalian is a beautiful sea-side city” tourist crap that I would hear mindlessly repeated to the point of nausea while living there.

What wasn’t mentioned on the Web sites I reviewed, but was added to the rhetoric after I arrived was that Dalian girls are considered some of the most beautiful women in China. I’m betting had I known this beforehand, it wouldn’t have come down to a coin-toss between Dalian and Qingdao (another beautiful sea-side city with a beer festival, but no beautiful women to speak of — my requirements weren’t complex).

Dōngběi nǚzǐ, northeastern women, are renowned throughout China for being tall, strong-willed and fair-skinned beauties; a fact that most every taxi driver comments on when I tell him that my wife is from Dalian.

When moving to Suzhou in 2006, the aforementioned beautiful Dalian girl in tow told me (somewhat apprehensively) that Suzhou has been famous for centuries (perhaps millennia) for its beautiful women. After having heard the same thing about Dalian over the previous year and a half, I was beginning to suspect Chinese people just told foreigners this about every city in China.

According to this recent article on Netease, thankfully translated by the folks at ChinaHush, which ranks China’s top 10 cities with the most beautiful women, there’s some truth to it (if truth can be found in online polls) — Dalian took the #1 spot, with Suzhou following closely at #4.

1. Dalian | 大连

Bold but graceful
Score: 95
Girls from northeast of China always have the reputation of being light skinned and tall. Dalian girls are undoubtedly the cream of the crop among girls in the northeast of China. Compare with women in southern China, Dalian girls might not be as graceful, but they are more bold and prideful; Compare with women in other northeast China and other inland cities, Dalian women added more elegance. For example actress Dong Jie (董洁) is a typical representative of the girls in Dalian.

4. Suzhou & Hangzhou | 苏杭

Pretty girl of humble birth
Score: 92
Suzhou is the most girly city in China. Some say more than half of the beauties of southern China are in Suzhou. They all have admirable pretty hands. Needless to say, Suzhou girls are most suitable to be kind, considerate and desirable lovers. Suzhou and Hangzhou are known to produce beauties, is indeed well-deserved reputation. [Example]: Han Xue (韩雪)

The full list is

  1. Dalian | 大连 – Bold but graceful – Score: 95
  2. Chongqing | 重庆 – Warm like fire – Score: 94
  3. Chengdu | 成都 – Pure as the eye solution – Score: 93
  4. Suzhou & Hangzhou | 苏杭 – Pretty girl of humble birth – Score: 92
  5. Changsha | 长沙 – Beauty of blandness – Score: 91
  6. Nanjing | 南京 – Delicate, free and natural – Score: 90
  7. Shanghai | 上海 – Fashionable and exquisite – Score: 89
  8. Beijing | 北京 – Aristocrat of the century – Score: 88
  9. Hong Kong | 香港 – Fashion Pioneers – Score: 87
  10. Guangzhou | 广州 – Soft inside and hard outside – Score: 86

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  2. After hearing so many different generalizations about places in China, I too began taking them with a a billion point three grains of salt. It was funny then, when I went to Hangzhou without this really in mind and noticed how many cute girls there were near the lake. Now, there could definitely be other reasons outside of location alone, but I certainly noticed a…pattern?
    After almost 2 years in Nanjing, I’m surprised it made the list above Shanghai. That makes very little sense to me. I see WAY more beautiful women here in the big, BIG city than I ever did in Nanjing.

    • I wonder how many of the Shanghai girls you see are 上海女子 though – same could be true with Beijing as well. Those two cities in particular would tend to attract ladies from all over for better paying jobs, etc.

    • Yep, born and raised. What they don’t advertise in the “dalian women are beautiful” line is that they are also very stubborn. Seeker beware 😉

  3. Came across your blog after a random google search for blogs on Hangzhou and Suzhou.

    I hail from Hangzhou and it’s great to know your awesome blog on its sister heavenly city in China.

    Beautiful girls? Let’s not focus too much on the ranking of cities. There are just too many of them in this region.

    Will come back read more of your posts…

    • Cheers Jianfeng, just checked out your blog and very cool to learn what a protocol officer is. Sounds a bit stressful having to be so organized and have everything perfect all the time. Still, must be a very rewarding job.

      Good to know you and your blog.

  4. Looking on the bright side of my job, I get to see the big world quite often, you know, accompanying our city bosses on their overseas trips.

    I’ve been to Canada thrice. And every time I came back with a bottle of ice wine. A lot of our people complain about it being too sweet. But I like it a lot. It’s most refreshing, with a taste very different from the thick sweetness of too much table sugar.

  5. there are beautiful women everywhere in China. my experience with Dalian hails back to ’94. Back then they had “the most beautiful women” in China – or so they boasted back then , albeit not the most graceful.

    It doesnt matter how tall you are, the tone of your skin, the shape of your nose, the size of your breasts…..when you jam your finger three knuckles deep up your nose while trying to have a conversation with anyone to go booger mining the whole facade of beauty crumples like a house of cards.

  6. I’ve heard the same thing just about every city in China. And it mostly boils down to wealth. Wealthier people tend to be more attractive, simply because they can afford to buy better clothes and take care of themselves better. But then culture tends to affect things too, as Beijing’s relaxed nature tends to produce both guys and girls that are more relaxed in their hygiene. I’m waiting for some mayor of a second or third tier city to mandate armpit shaving and take Dalian down from its throne.:D

  7. I remember hearing about the beautiful women of [insert city here]. I started laughing after hearing it so many times.

    And how is Beijing even listed on there? It probably had the least attractive people in China…kinda reminded me of Philadelphia.

  8. one of the best formed women (tall, slim, nice legs, big boobs) I met in Shanghai is actually from dalian.

    Some say, the most beautiful girls of china all come to find love or work in shanghai, so no need to go anywhere else to look for girls. But then, even with so many beauties in shanghai, i noticed they become more and more like western girls: hard to approach, hard in their feelings and gestures.

    i also noticed that the most beautiful girls all seem to work in ktv. what a shame.

  9. SuHang (Suzhou and Hanzhou) #7 and #10, respectively for GDP cities, no where is Dalian. So not sure about your reference on “humble birth”. SuHang women are known for beauty AND intellect for centuries.

    Dalian, sorry to say this dude is known for big industry was colonized by Russians and sadly, this area has been shedding the thug like influence. Their women are known to be good factory workers, tall, big hands and sturdy.

    Go you for writing this bs. But glad you think your wife rocks. Just do your research.

    • You realize that the “humble birth” stuff was all a quote from another site, right? If you have complaints about it, you’ll need to take it up with the authors, not the guy commenting on it. For the record, I think the whole thing is bunk (though I do think my wife rocks). And why would shedding a “thug like influence” be sad?

  10. No offense, but in China everyone thinks of Dalian girls as being prostitutes. So many prostitutes in large cities are from dalian.

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