Wedding Photo Gallery Update

I’ve had a bit of feedback regarding the Wedding Photo Gallery, and it appears that photos aren’t loading properly for some people. I’m not entirely sure if this is a Flash issue or what, but it’s prompted me to finally test out Google’s Picasa Web Albums. Check out that link if you’ve been having problems with the other (the original one is still pretty cool… it has music).

This will also make it easier for any family or friends who wish to get prints made of the photos. You can download individual photos or the entire album – all in high res/ready to print goodness. Just upload them to Walmart or wherever and away you go.

And comments on Picasa… well, it seems to be faster and gives more organized storage (for free) than Flickr. It doesn’t seem to have quite such a social function as Flickr… but if your just look to upload photos for friends or family and don’t really give a flick what a ‘tag’ is… Picasa’s the way to go. That said, I’ve been a member for all of 20 minutes.

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  1. Picasaweb isn’t bad. At least it makes it easy to post pictures directly from Picasa. They’ve only recently increased the free space from 250MB to 1GB and they offer much larger spots if you’re willing to pay.

    BTW no problems viewing your flash web album here. It was a little slower to load tonight than last time I tried, but it may be due to more pictures.

  2. @Shaun: The 1GB of space blows away previous services like Photobucket that I used before running my own site – though I didn’t test Picasaweb to see if I could link to photos in Web pages… I assume with their “post to blogger” function, it’s possible.

    @Chris: Well, not to knock her explaining of the vows, but technically in this photo she was showing me the rewritten bit where I had noticed the Chinese didn’t express the right thing (that’s right, I caught the mistake, in Chinese.. hehe!). Despite all the help she did give me though (including recording MP3s so I could practice the pronunciation), I still butchered them to all hell.

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