The First And Last Day of Spring

Alright, it’s been all of five minutes or something since I posted my last entry – but this deserves mention, especially taking into account how much I bitched about the cold.

Spring came the other day. It was great. All 24-hours of it.

After wearing a coat, hoodie and undershirt last weekend, despite being officially a few days into Spring, Monday brought with it more the weather one would expect from Winter’s follow-up.

The day after the mercury hit 27°C here in Suzhou, floated up to about 29° today.

With both Maggie and I being from climates where March is cold – or at best cool, and not in the Fonz way – it’s messing with our sensibilities. Despite sweating through my t-shirt, I feel awkward walking out in the morning without at least a sweater on…

It does look like we will get our Spring next week when the temp drops again to hover around 20°C…

The whole thing just spins my head around. I’m programmed to expect four seasons of roughly the same length. It never occurred to me (in anything outside a textbook way) that people actually live in climates that are completely retarded… and now I’m one of them.

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  1. I’m all the way over in Michigan and we’re having some pretty insane weather too. It’s been both extremely hot and extremely cold in the last 3 days. (Besides it was only a couple of weekends ago we had about 3′ of snow!)
    Makes a man go crazay I tell ya! Although I have to admit that I welcome the heat with big, open, (albeit pale) arms.

  2. Same thing here in New York. The weather has been tossing and turning between hot and cold and deep snow. At least the past couple days have been a little more spring like.

  3. In the far south [Hainan, Shenzhen] there is no Winter; in Yunnan there is eternal Spring; but when you reach the Chiangjiang there are only two seasons, summer and winter with not much in between.

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