Proud to be a Canadian (expat)

I love Canada, I truly do.

For all the grief that myself and my fellow compatriots give the country, it really is top shelf as countries go. Sure, it’s a bit vanilla when it comes to foreign affairs and global influence; a bit archaic when it comes to political makeup; and, well, a bit cold.

But it’s clean, big, relatively safe, under-populated and has enough of a balance between social conscience and capitalistic motivation for my liking.

The question that shadows me every day I live abroad, and is usually not far from the lips of my family, is “when will I move home”. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there was spark of desire to do so, but all I can say for now is, “not yet.”

Mags and I have some plans that I will discuss in a separate post, and the majority of them will keep us in China for the near future. But not forever. One day I am sure I will leave the Middle Kingdom and return to the True North Strong and Free, turning the tables on my laowainess and putting my wife in the confused-foreigner chair (something I sadistically revel the thought of) – just “not yet”.

Happy Canada Day everyone.

Canada, Please! – Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

Sorry if you’re in China without VPN and thus can’t see the embedded YouTube video above.

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  1. Happy Canada day! Perhaps I’ll use your title in a few days (switching out the country of course), it’s a nice phrase!

  2. Happy Canada day to you and to myself. Unfortunately Toronto city’s celebration is cancelled due to the Toronto City workers’ strike.

    One thing I can guarantee you is that your wife will have the same feeling you have now when you two move back to your home country.

  3. Yeah Canada is pretty awesome. It was strange being away for Canada Day for the first time in my nomadic life. Ah well, so long as you love your country on the inside flags and fireworks are irrelevant.

    Heading back to Canadia tomorrow, can’t wait 🙂

  4. After living in China you appreciate Canada so much more than many of your home country brethren…I dont go for that supposed Canadian habit of soul searching naval gazing…its a damn fine country plain and simple.

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