Don’t Try This At Home Kids

Remember back in the summer when I mentioned Maggie was training to be a yoga instructor? Well, as of today she officially is one. She substituted at a local school here today that is thinking of hiring her, and in doing so earning her first yuan in her new-found profession.

I’m not going to deny it, I’m completely one to get all soppy about such things and I couldn’t be prouder of her. The girl has worked hard over the last few months to get herself into shape(s). She’s bent herself in ways that I previously thought should never be performed by a human … really any vertebrate. She assures me that it’s all fine and good though. As I’m a fat lazy bastard that gets pains just watching, I’ll just take her word for it.

Yoga instructing is great work for a Chinese person who can score it. As a sub she’s making about 60 RMB per class (1.5 hours) and will pull in more than that should she get hired on. At a guess she’ll make 75-100 RMB per class, and with another rough guess of doing 8 classes a week – she’ll be pulling in 2,600-3,400 RMB a month for about 24 hours of work a week. Considering that the average menial receptionist or clerk job pays 800 – 1,000 RMB a month for about 50-60 hours a week – this is by all counts a huge step up for her.

Money or no money, I really think she just gets a kick out of these women of status (lots of wealthy Mainland and Taiwanese women are in her classes) calling her "laoshi". I’m worried the power is going to her head though, she keeps bragging about how she gives a command and everyone listens (followed by an evil little giggle).

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  1. @Gricelle: Hey, wow… how the heck are ya? Great to hear from you and checked out your site .. back in the States eh?

    @Marco: “acrobats are all kids in China” … I just keep saying it to myself, but I can’t sort out the meaning. It would make a hell of a name for an album though. Also checked out your MSN Spaces – nice to see more Chinese talking about Hao Wu. It must be a weird experience being a Chinese “outside the Wall” and knowing all your compatriots don’t know the things you know. I’ve yet to get some real 华侨 perspective on the happenings in China.

  2. Congrats to Maggie, from reading your blog these past few months I’ve been getting the impression that she’s been bending, twisting, contorting herself into all funny kinds of poses/positions.

    Does twister ever get played in your house? For some reason I don’t think your the reigning champion.

  3. Yeap I’m back home, Puerto Rico to be more exact. I’m doing pretty good. Working for a while and handling Grad. School Appl. process. cool blog you have here…

  4. apprarently you didn’t get my humor.
    the pics you showed above look like acrobat show though I know it’s yoga. you are saying don’t try this at home , kids and I am making a joke on the fact that all acrobats in China are cruelly trained when they were extremely young.(probably 3)

  5. @Sarah: I’ll defintely mention that you like her outfit hehe. As for your “old” bones – Maggie’s not that much younger than you or I.

    @Valehru: Never considered playing Twister with Maggie – and I’ll definitely NOT be suggesting it anytime soon.

    @Gricelle: Puerto Rico? Why did I think you were NYC?

    @Marco: Sorry about that – yeah that makes a lot more sense. I had forgotten what I said as the title of the blog post. I’ve heard that about Chinese acrobats – it’s insane. I’ve seen two acrobat shows since coming here, and to think what those kids must have gone through makes me cringe.

  6. NO you didn’t but most ppl think I’m still in NY since that is where I came back from China. here in Puerto Rico the weather is lovely, blue skies all day and the beaches are Amazing!!! Best of luck to you in Suzhou πŸ™‚

  7. excellent performance, it’s said that practising yoga will lose weight effectively, I’m gonna have some classes of it, very cool!

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